Mac Adobe CC collection 2014-2015 crack

In this tutorial, we share the 3 methods to crack successfully all elements of Mac Adobe CC Collection 2014-2015. 100% working guarantee.

New update on August, 26 – 2017: We have just uploaded the new Mac Adobe CC Collection 2017 Full version. Here is the download link.

In another topic, we share how to download and get FREE Mac Adobe CC 2015 (Suite) Full Version that you may want to take a look.

Basically, there are 3 effective ways to get all Adobe products activated: using amtlib.frameworkX-FORCE Adobe CC 2014 (we can use X-Force Adobe CC 2014 on 2015 products), or Adobe CC 2015 Auto Patcher.

All the following crack tools we collected from other resources, we do not provide our own tools.

Crack Adobe CC Collection 2014 – 2015 in Mac OS X

Remember the internet connection must be disconnected during the whole process.

Method 1: Crack Adobe Softwares using amtlib.framework

Download amtlib.framework file here:

Copy Amtlib.Framework then paste as replacement into Contents/Frameworks/(From Finder, Go to Applications, locate and right mouse on the particular software (Adobe Photoshop CS6 for example) choosing Show Package Contents).

Just one example to locate Contents/Frameworks/
Just one example to locate Contents/Frameworks/

Method 2: Crack Adobe Collection (2014-2015) using X-FORCE Adobe CC 2014

X-FORCE Adobe CC 2014 still can be used to get the serial key and offline activation code on Adobe 2015 softwares.

Download X-FORCE Adobe CC 2014: Please support us by going to ccleaner coupon topic, scroll down to download X-FORCE Adobe CC 2014 at the bottom of the article.

Step 1: Modify the hosts file to block all outgoing connect to Adobe server

– From the Desktop, press Command + Shift + G, type /etc into the field then hit Enter.
– Locate the hosts file, remove all lines that contain “”. For example:

Modify Hosts file– Then press Command + S to save.

Step 2: Launch X-FORCE Adobe CC 2014, get the serial number
Select the right product, then click on Gen. Serial button to get the Serial Number
Select the right product, then click on Gen. Serial button to get the Serial Number
Step 3: Install Adobe Software then get Offline Activation

– Chose Install (not trial) —> Sign in —> Connect later —> Accept —> You now see the field to enter the Serial number (got from the step 2).

Enter Serial number

– Fill the Serial then click on Next to continues installing. (From here, if you encounter any trouble with the serial, that is because you have not modified the hosts file).
– Next, Click on Install then wait for a couple of minutes until the installation is completed.
– Next, Click on Launch Now to run the software —-> Offline Activation —-> Generate Request Code.

Generate Request Code

Step 4: Copy the Offline Activation Request Code

Offline Activation Request Code

Step 5: Paste the Offline Activation Request Code into X-FORCE Adobe CC 2014, get activation code.
get Activation Code
Click on Gen. activation button to get Activation Code
Step 6: Get the Adobe Software activated successfully with the Activation code

Successful Offline Activation

Method 3: Crack Adobe CC 2014-2015 Suite using Auto Patcher Adobe CC 2015

To activate all components of the following Mac Adobe CC 2015 Collection, we use the same very effective Patch file.

Download Adobe CC 2015 Collection Auto Patcher
Please support us by going to ccleaner coupon topic, scroll down to download Auto Patcher at the bottom of the article.

– Launch Auto Patcher

DMG launching password is "osxvn"
DMG launching password is “osxvn

– Click on Patch button

Click on Patch

– Click on Ok to patch using root permission

Patching Adobe 2015 with root permission

– All Adobe applications should be patched successfully using this method

Adobe collection is patched sucessfully

These above are the 3 different methods to crack Adobe softwares on Mac. Now, before re-connect the internet again, you might need to modify the hosts file to block all outgoing connection from your Mac to Adobe server.

Add these following lines into hosts file:

Adobe server list:

  • 3dns
  • 3dns
  • adobe
  • adobe dns
  • adobe dns
  • activate
  • wwis dubc1
  • activate
  • wwis dubc1
  • and more…

Look at the full Adobe server names list here.

Well, the whole Adobe Collection 2014-2015 is cracked completely now without any risks of virus and unsafe things.

Best luck!

  • Alisonn

    I was wondering why this didn’t work for me… I tried the first and can’t get the second and third option. After I replaced the file it still said 19 days remaining. For the third option it always said the file was damaged and didn’t work.

    • Yogi B

      refer my reply above follow those steps & it will work

      • Rick

        Hi Yogi B i have followed method 2 to the letter and it seems to work until i reconnect the internet then as soon as i open an app like photoshop it says the serial has been revoked. I have added the full given list of adobe servers to my host files so i really don’t know what the issue could be. Please help if you can

    • Vikas Tiwari

      Is your problem solved? I’m suffering from same. 🙁

  • Ritika Aima

    do i delete all the host files with or just the ones highlighted in blue, in the screenshot shared by you?

    • Riquez

      That info is wrong, you need to ADD the adobe lines to your hosts file.
      Your host file has a list that connects to (your computer) so this means when your computer looks for it looks on your computer & not on the internet – this is how we block your computer contacting adobe.

      • James Hall

        so crazy – the instructions here are saying opposite things about the hosts file — it’s still not clear to me if we ADD or DELETE the adobe entries. It’s beyond me why someone would make the effort to publish this info and then be so sloppy with the instructions.

  • Riquez

    This info is really poor. its not going to work. Method 1 is for CS6, not CC – do not try that with CC.
    Maybe a combination of method2 & 3 might work for CC (i have not tried it) but for sure you need to get the full list of adobe servers & block them by ADDING them to your hosts file. There is a list at the bottom, i hope it is up to date or it wont work.

  • CC installer is not downloadable…

  • Method 1. unfortunately I used the amtlib file before the activation of the trial period start so now this method don’t works anymore

    Method 2. when I search through “/etc” in the field no … appears

    Method 3. the Autopatcher is not accepted from the system cause it says it is damaged and I can only trash it.

    Any suggestion?


    • Yogi B

      Hey i found a way to go through damaged dmg patcher, sharing it here for all…please follow following steps..
      1. Download dmg patcher from link given above (i know it shows damaged still we need it)
      2. Open disk utility & go to the images tab and choose option convert
      3. Now navigate to the dmg file we downloaded earlier, click open
      4. Choose a destination to save it, keep encryption none & format to compressed and hit save
      5. Now acces this new file & tada!!! It will work without giving any error

      Please check & let me know if this solves your issue

      Yogi B

      • Violeta Leyva

        I got an error, “Operation failed with status 80” 🙁

      • Ren

        This worked for me.. Thanks a lot!

      • JW Tak

        Thank you so much Yogi B This works 100% you are an absolute life saver bro

        • Yogi B

          You are most welcome! 🙂

          • Dario Gaitan

            Yogi thanks, i got the patch working but unfortunately, there is still a countdown on the trial, can you guess whats going on? could you post your own step by step guide? I got lightroom by Creative Cloud and it has been a nightmare

          • Yogi B

            The way i did it is mentioned below –
            1. Downloaded the creative cloud setup from adobe official website (you need to sign in, if don’t have adobe account please create one)
            2. downloaded program in trail mode (Photoshop,illustrator..etc) through creative cloud app after its installation
            3. disconnected internet connection
            4. then patched programs using dmg patcher

            for step 4 sometimes after applying patch, program still shows in trial mode, it’s usual don’t panic you have to run the pather again may be 2/3 times. Once program is patched you can use it with internet is connected. it is strongly recommended to disconnect internet while & till patch is done.

            Please check & let me know if this solves your problem.

            Thanks, 🙂
            Yogi B

          • Dario Gaitan

            hi yogi

            it didnt work, i did exactly step by step as you said, even ran the patcher like 6 times, THEN after all was finished i brought the internet back and there is still as trial mode with the countdown and the buy now option.

            what about the hosts file? what do i have to do in that step by step you gave me with the hosts file?

          • DJ Tanner

            Hi Yogi. I’m also having issues with this. I’ve run the patch several times, but whenever I reconnect to the internet and go on CC, once I click on an app, it says the trial is activating. I also can’t edit the host file on the mac to update the server lists.

          • Nneka Ngene

            Hi Yogi,
            Do you think it’s a good idea to update the illustrator from creative cloud?

          • Yogi B

            first of all apologies for replying so late…well the answer would be ‘Yes’ you can update the programs through creative cloud, although little twist here…the dmg pather does not support the latest patch of ‘Photoshop, illustrator….etc’ i observed that it only working with the updated patch of ‘Indesign & acrobat’. Here you go for the steps:
            1. update program through creative cloud (don’t try to open any program after update till the time you follow all the steps)
            2. now copy ‘Amtlib.Framework’ from indesign or acrobat’s foler (applications > acrobat > right click the icon & click show content then locate this file from within folders)
            3. Replace this file within other programs folder (do this for all program you updated)
            4. for checking disconnect the internet & try to run program (you are all set to go)

            Let me know the results. 🙂

          • Daniel

            Hello Yogi, does the patch work when i am already using the trial for some weeks? or do i have to reinstall it with internet connection off? or do i need to use the patcher before installing?
            Thanks 🙂

          • Yogi B

            Yes the patch will work even after you have started your trial earlier. The only thing is CC app will show your trial period expired after 30 days, but you don’t have to worry about it your software still works without any problem.
            Reason behind why the CC shows your trial expires is… it is remember that this particular id (your adobe id) started trial of this product & it started counting clock for 30 days….if you dont want this then i suggest that install the program through cc but dont click ‘start tiral’ button…apply the patch & you are good to go

          • Dario Gaitan

            do I have to combine with option number 2? because I can not get the offline activation option, it appears that getting it by creative cloud does not permit this kind of activation.

            I really need your help, i can see you are saving people from this

          • Dario Gaitan

            I think I don’t have clear on what to do with the hosts file

      • anacronopia

        Hey! I used the patcher method, too, and it’s working fine; but I was wondering if I could download the Creative Cloud Application and sign in. It is needed for some functions that will make my work easier, but I’m afraid that if I do it the patcher stops working. I don’t know if it’s worth the risk :/ Have you

        • Yogi B

          im not sure about it…as i have not tried to use those features…like Type kit, assets library etc….bt i did install periodically updates offered by adobe to patched software…& for safer side i did run pathcher again prior to installation of periodic update..

      • Izik Sheptovitsky

        Like a charm!!!

      • Anaïs

        Thank you so much !!!!!!! You are awesome !!!

        • Yogi B

          Thanks…you are most welcome 🙂

      • nicolasgril

        Sorry, do i have to install all the components first and then use the patcher???? Should I select trial?

        • Yogi B

          Yeah..install the desired program first (i.e. photoshop, illustrator…etc) & then run the patcher. No need to select the trial mode.

      • shiba

        hey there, just wondering where is option covert??

      • shiba

        also, where is the images tab? thanks

      • Why are you so low? Up you go !

        • Yogi B

          i will!

      • Finally someone figured it out (y)

        • Yogi B


    • Anthony

      The first one worked for me.. Oct 2016

  • GiovS

    I followed the third method. Also all the procedure to extract the file damaged. I have just one question about how to add the server list. Yesterday I launched the patch and I added the list in off-line mode, but today I have one less day of free trial. Something gone wrong or it’s normal? Can you tell me step by step how to do it?
    Thank you

  • Rick

    i have followed method 2 to the letter and it seems to work until i reconnect the internet then as soon as i open an app like photoshop it says the serial has been revoked. I have added the full given list of adobe servers to my host files so i really don’t know what the issue could be. Please help if you can

  • Sam Barnades

    Hello everybody, I want to know exactly the effects of the patch (solution 3) because I have to setup again my Adobe softwares and I think the patch has effect on it. Someone can help me to remove the patch ? Thanks !

  • Laura Figuereo


  • Daniel Adel

    I started the trial for Photoshop CC 2015 by mistake, and therefore I have 25 days remaining, however I have patched other apps. Is there anyway I could crack photoshop as well?

  • Lukas

    Unfortunately X-FORCE is not able to generate a valid serial number in my case. I did everything as described but Photoshop is showing me this message: “We are unable to validate this serial number for Photoshop CC 2015. Please contact Customer Support.”

    Is there anything I can do? Thaaaanks! 🙂

  • Len Aine

    Everything fine with the first method, except for InDesign application that crashes on start =/

    I know it’s not a fault because of the crack but I think something’s wrong in the Adobe installation programs you linked here for download

    • How Quaint

      What apps did you patched other than InDesign ? I’m just wondering if this works only with Photoshop CS6 or with others apps.

      • Len Aine

        I installed and patched the graphic suite (Ps, Ai, Id) and some multimedia program (Flash, Encore, After Effects, Audition..). At the moment only InDesign and After Effects have the same problem and they don’t open at start.
        I don’t understand if it’s a problem of the program other of my OS.

        • Manuel Garibaldi

          Solved? Same situation here..

          • Len Aine

            I didn’t yet.. Maybe trying another crack method would work. Do you have my same problem?

          • Bárbara Martino

            same here! After Effects and InDesign are crashed. If you find a way out, please share!

  • Roberta Bedikam’s

    Hi, before trying any of those methods, i’ve been wondering if they could work with pc as it’s only taliking about mac shortcuts. A friend of mine gave me a crack very similar to the first method but i did not work out for me (I surely did something wrong). Could you help me please?

  • fatinho

    Hi, i have problems with Acrobat. I follow the first method but after i put the crack in the framework folder and start Acrobat, the program says to me that i have to reinstall it. Can you help me? Thanks 😀

  • Gabriel Sant’Anna

    Hi! Firstly, thanks for the support! When I was did the process, i didn’t remember of disconnect my internet 🙁 But this was only for the first program. After, all programs i did correctly. I did the first method, and the programs it works ok buuuut when i open the program appear a shortcut on the side (look for the picture)… its normal? all is ok? Thanks again!

  • Nancy Dagin

    hi, I used the first method but when I opened the photoshop, it still shows the 7 days trial message on it. I downloaded the photoshop cc15

    • Kelly Ngo

      Same here, did this end up working after the trial ended?

      • Nagarjuna Murakonda

        I have the same issue now..i think u have used it…will it work after the trial period too?

    • Nagarjuna Murakonda

      I have the same issue now..i think u have used it…will it work after the trial period?

  • Rita Warda

    Hiii! First of all, thank you for the support! So, my problem is: I accidentally used the my illustrator trial thinking i patched it correctly (obviously i didnt, cause i forgot to turn wi-fi off) and now i cant do anything to crack it. I changed the hosts file, i patched it correctly, and for some reason i cant do the second option because when i try to “connect later”, well, it says that i’m offline and i cant keep going. Please, i have an exam on friday and i need to use illustrator! Can anyone help me?

  • Vikas Tiwari

    Not any trick working with After Effects.
    Please help…

  • Aero Windwalker

    Hey I’ve noticed that X-FORCE method stops to work. The Adobe Creative Cloud window will pop up and says, “We are sorry, but we are not able to connect to the Adobe Server right now…” when any Adobe programs are being accessed.

  • Hey the first method has worked for me before, but now I updated my iOS X to the latest version (El Capitan) and I keep on getting a License Mismatch warning. Now it won’t let me open the apps unless I sign in. I’ve tried the other methods to crack the apps but I can’t modify the hosts file, it says it’s locked and I don’t have permission to unlock it. Nothing seems to be working anymore. Is anyone having the same issues? Does anyone know how to solve them?

  • Luis González Corujo

    Method 3, what password am I supposed to use??

  • Luis González Corujo

    Because my mac’s password isnt working

  • Anthon Damien Kiong

    Can method 3 support updating of the software? 🙂

  • Melana Hobbs

    I can’t find the link to download the patch or Xforce … am I missing something?

  • amtlib.framework works! tnks

    • Nagarjuna Murakonda

      i have used the same method..but it is still showing 7 days trial on creative this method working? after you have cracked did it showed you trial days?

      • I have the same problem.. did you already sole it?

        • Nagarjuna Murakonda

          Don’t launch adobe application manager. Only use adobe application 2014. It is working for me right now is not saying about trial period..

          • Gabriel Horcajada

            Are you meaning to follow the step 2? Or possibly I’m confused.

          • Nagarjuna Murakonda

            Follow the first’s simple..once u install u will get two applications in application tab. one is adobe application manager and the other is adobe photoshop cc 2014. Use the latter one.!

          • Laceborn

            Hey! I already had Creative Cloud installed on my computer and I installed the new version of Premiere Pro. Didn’t work so I deleted everything from adobe on my computer and tried to reinstall Premiere Pro, didn’t manage unless I installed Creative Cloud. I also changed my Adobe ID to be sure, and it still fucking says I’m on Trial Version! With my new ID! So if you have any idea mate, I’m all ears!

          • Adam James

            Hi, did you ever sort out you adobe activation i’m very stuck for ideas. my trail ended and i tried everything. anything you can do to help is appreciated. thanks

          • Gabriel Horcajada

            Where can you find “Adobe Application 2014”?

      • Felipe Ignacio Horta Lagunas

        Same problem.. What can I try?, I still have today!!

        • Nagarjuna Murakonda

          Don’t launch adobe application manager. Only use adobe application 2014. It is working for me right now is not saying about trial period.

      • Jerry

        Is this a CC 2014 problem? Now I’m using CC 2017 for Mac and meet the same problem. I installed CC 2017 for Mac and cracked it using amtemu v0.8.1 for Mac. I login to Creative Cloud to install Extension Manager, then the Creative Cloud told me it is just 7 days trial. But if I open PS alone, no trial notification. I don’t know what will happen after 7 days.

        Then I uninstall PS and Creative Cloud using their official uninstaller and CleanMyMac, then reinstall them. What weird is Creative Cloud “remember” my account, it login automatically, popup in my status bar, and told me my PS only 7 days trial left. Again, when I open PS alone, it do not have trial notification.

        Anyone have the same situation and could tell me what will happen after 7 days? PLS.

  • help

    Hi, i don’t get the offline activation option for some reason? It’s getting worrisome, please help!

  • 红雨

    i have used the same method..but my ai is still showing 29 days trial on creative this method working?

  • Takudzwa Dlamini

    my trial expired and i’m wondering if there is anyway to reset my trial?

    • Mark

      Yes, I had this issue as well. You have to completely wipe Adobe from your computer. There are plenty of tutorials online to do this, you’ll figure it out. Essentially, just delete every single file that has the word “adobe” off your computer. Every… single… one.

  • T-Paul Gale


  • T-Paul Gale

    yogi B where is the link to patch pls?

  • Lucy

    It WORKS!!!! Patched successfully!!!! Thank you soooooo much!!!!

  • kai

    when i use x force it successfully registers it…
    and then 20 minutes later it says that the serial has been rejected.

  • CTS Addict

    Thanks so much! Went into the pain of creating a Disqus account just to say thanks (nothing compared to how useful that article is!)

  • fghtdfhbbcsssduopmbx

    on sierra???

  • kevinfouillet

    Any of these methods work for me. I’m on OS X Sierra. I don’t know ifSierra is the issue..

  • Umar Awan

    i tried method one but it still showing 5 days trail. photoshop cc 2015 help help help

  • michael b

    I’m on OS Captain and when I try to edit the hosts file, it says it’s locked. I’m now going to try method 3. otherwise, I’m outta options! anyone help?

  • michael b

    my ‘hosts’ file won’t let me edit it? Any ideas?

  • Pär Lundqvist

    Here is a question that has given me a lot of trouble, how can you install the extentions now that Adobe extention manager can not handle 2015 versions of CC?

  • HA

    I need an advice, I did not turn off internet while transferring the amtlib.framework to frameworks (It was not on the tutorial).
    The countdown on Adobe Photoshop CC continues. What to do?


  • Jools Taylor

    I have CS4 already cracked on my Mac and just wondered if I have to do anything special to upgrade to CC?
    Do I have to remove any files etc?

  • Hello, do you know if it’s possible to use two original software and then install a patched one? For example: a user who bought annual plan for Photoshop and Lightroom wants to install InDesign and Audition with crack, can he do it? Or he has to modify the hosts file everytime he wants to update the original software?

  • john lewis

    What’s FRPlayer-3.03.dmg and why are those comments a JPEG? Seems shady to me…

  • Greg Beck

    Hey man, thanks for sharing this post. It worked for my copy on Sierra!

  • Bruno

    Deu certo pra mim! Muito obrigado! Tks

  • Jimmy Smith

    Thanks Joe. It worked perfectly.

  • Alexis Campbell

    Are they compatible with Mac?

    • Lisa Sansone

      yes they are.

  • Jason Gallo

    Thanks man. I was searching for this.

  • Edithmoo

    I need help . Please 🙏🏻 … I have installed the adobe illustrator CC 2017 and cracked it by using Adobe Zii . I wonder I can use my adobe while turn on the wifi or not ? Or I should turn off wifi while I using my adobe illustrator ?

  • Willy Wonka

    that first link for CC 2014 unmounts to an image w/ only an installer file it which shows “ is infected with Adware Genieo” and it does nothing when i open the installer.

    • Dedy Kurniawan

      me too

  • Willy Wonka

    Can anyone confirm if Method #3 works for CC 2014? I tried it but it looks like it only works for 2015.

  • ExileOC

    spam spam spam…

  • Moobine Morgentau

    Why should we first erase all the lines, and then in the end fill them in again? Shouldnt they stay erased?