Many mac users face a common issue when using Preview app in Mac OS X (Especially Yosemite). The Preview get crashed, stops working suddenly or quits unexpectedly when opening PDF and image files. How to fix such these problems?

According to Apple Support Communities, This happens on multiple documents. Often simply re-opening the same document immediately will work. Other times it may crash several times in a row and then open fine. Documents that opened successfully the first time may crash on second opening then open fine third time.

How to fix?

If it frequently happens, take following steps to solve the issue:

Access Library from Menu bar (Keep holding the “Option” key and “Library” will be visible under Go on Menu bar) > Delete these items if you see any of them:

  • Containers/
  • Containers/
  • Group Containers/
  • Preferences/
  • Preferences/

You can make a backup by copying all of them to a folder on the desktop before deleting if you want.

  • THANK YOU! This worked!

    I am running macOS Sierra 10.12.2….

  • Rucha Deo

    This worked! I was on macOS Sierra 10.12.6

    • Romell Meléndez

      Where is the “library”?