How to make USB Windows installation for Mac

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kecodoc Staff asked 2 years ago

This topic will show specifically how to make and create USB Window installer to install Window 7, window 8, window 10, window 11 and later version on Macbook, Macbook pro, Macbook air, and iMac.

We actually can make an USB to be able for installing windows all versions with bootcamp. You can download bootcamp from here, be noticed to choose the right one to download.

You can go on google and search for downloading Windows 32 or 64 bit needed. We collect here some versions:
Windows 10 Technical Preview Setup.ISO download
+Windows 8 Pro x64 download:
+Windows 8 Pro x32download:
+Windows 8 Pro VL x64download:
+Windows 8 Enterprise x86download:
+Windows 8 EnterPrise x64download:

Step 1: Launchpad > Other > BootCamp Assistant (Open bootcamp)

Step 2: Choose Create Windows 7 or later version… only

open bootcamp in Mac os

Choose and locate the Windows setup.ISO downloaded, click on Continue to format USB and copy all setup files into usb. When the further processes finished, quite bootcamp. Done!

Now if you want to install windows on Mac, you might want to see our another topic – How to Install and Setup windows 7,8,9,10,11 on Mac thorugh Bootcamp

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I have done successfully.

Anonymous answered 2 years ago

How to make USB Windows installation for Mac » Mac Free Download
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