Mac Office 2016 15.11.2 full version free

Hot! Free patcher to activate fully the Latest Microsoft Office 2016 15.41.0 [Official version released in 2017] on Mac – It is not about how to crack Mac Office 2016, you download and get free Mac Office 2016 – full version (supports MacOS High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks,…) – Famous and useful Paid Plugins, Templates, and Themes are shared to download for free at the end of this topic, and you should not miss this part.

Apple designs iWork bundle with iWork, Keynote, and Pages for a MS Office alternative. You can download the latest iWork set from our another topic here.

At for me, MS Office is an essential software. Office 2016 for Mac is now available and compatible to all OS X versions including High Sierra.

I still use the Office 2011 on my Mac since It works so stably and I have found every functions I need. I did share The Latest Mac Office 2011 Full version on another topic that may be helpful on some users.

Mac System Requirements to master office 2016 well

• Mac computer with an Intel CPU.
• Mac OS X – High Sierra, Sierra, Mavericks, Yosemite and El Capitan.
• at least 1 GB of RAM would be recommended.
• at list 6.45 GB of free hard disk space for installing and running.
• Hard disk formatting such as HFS + (also known as Mac OS Extended or HFS Plus)
• A monitor with 1280×800 resolution or higher
• Recommended Safari 7 ​

We do not discuss much about new functions and features of new Mac Office 2016 in this article. Let’s download the full version for Mac OS X and see how to get it fully activated in few seconds.

How to get Mac Office 2016 Full version for free?

Firstly, you need to remove completely all other offices (Preview, Office 2011, even existing Office 2016 installed) in your Mac OS X. You might want to take a look at – Best Free Uninstallers to remove completely app in OS X and How to uninstall and remove Office 2016 from Mac completely.


Firstly, to avoid of that the downloaded files can not be opened under Mac OS X, the Gatekeeper must be disabled to get rid of possible problems.

All the following versions (from Newest to oldest)  were tested and uploaded by MacDrug for Safety purpose:

  • Newest update (Dec, 2017): Mac Office 2016 v15.41 Full version

Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac v15.41.0
1.55 GB

Mac Office 2016 for Mac v15.41 Crack

  • Mac Office 2016 v15.40 Full version   (download)
1.56 GB

If this file does not work on you somehow, the following older versions still work well.

  • Microsoft Mac Office 2016 v15.39.0 (Installer + Activation tool)

Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac 15.39.0   (download)
1.56 GB

How to crack?

Just click on the Activation tool, the whole Mac Office 2016 Suite will be activated for FREE in seconds.

Otherwise, the following older version still works perfectly on too many users even the activation process is a little bit more complicated.

  • Microsoft Office For Mac 2016 v15.22 + Update + License Installer

Microsoft Office For Mac 2016 v15.22 + Update + License Installer.rar   (download)
1.84 GB

How to crack Office For Mac 2016 v15.22?

The following tutorial is for Office 2016 v15.22 only.

+, Step 1: Download an install Command Line Tool

How to install Command Line Tool in Mac OS X? We can install Command Line Tool in MacOS X all versions including the new MacOS Sierra and High Sierra through Terminal using the following command line:

    1. Launch the Terminal, found in /Applications/Utilities/
    2. Type the following command string:

xcode-select --install

+, Step 2: Install Mac Office 2016 at Trial

Run Microsoft_Office_2016_Installer.pkg downloaded to install, do not open any apps after installing is completed.

Install Mac Office 2016 full free

+, Step 3: Get Mac Office 2016 activated using Patcher through Terminal under Mac OS X

To run Terminal: Applications > Utilities > Terminal
Drag and drop the Patcher into Terminal > Enter > Admin password required. Done!

Activate Mac Office 2016 free

How to fix Permission denied?

During patching through Terminal, you might face “Permission denied” error. In this case, close the Terminal, then open Terminal again and type the following command:

sudo chmod 777 (drag and drop the Patcher into) and then Enter.

After that redo again the Step 3.

+, Step 4: Enjoy your Mac Office for FREE

Look at the result:

Mac Office 2016 fully patchedShare the article if it is helpful. Cheers!

Paid Plugins, Templates, and Themes for Mac Office 2016 Suite – Free download

  • Templates Lab for MS Office 3.2.3 – a comprehensive collection of templates to supercharge your work on Microsoft Office for Mac. Read more at Jumsoft and Mac App Store.
Templates_Lab_for_MS_Office_3.2.3_MAS__TNT_.dmg   (download)
7.48 GB

  • Bundle for MS Office by GN 6.0 – the ultimate helping hand for users of MS Office. It provides you with original designs template. Read more at Themeinn and Mac App Store.
Bundle for MS Office by GN 6 0 MAS   (download)
675.64 MB
  • EXpert Bundle – Templates for MS Office 3.1 – 262 designs for Microsoft Word, 30 diverse and practical templates for Microsoft Excel, 10 high-quality designs for Microsoft PowerPoint. Reat more at Alungu and Mac App Store.
Expert_Bundle_-_Templates_for_MS_Office_v3.1_MAS_[TNT].dmg   (download)
340.86 MB

For Word

  • Print Lab for Word – Templates 3.2.3 – a powerful companion to supercharge your personal and business Microsoft Word documents. Mac App Store link.
Print_Lab_for_Word_-_Templates_3.2.3_MAS__TNT_.dmg   (download)
63.67 MB
  • Templates for MS Word by GN 4.0 – The handy Templates for MS Word pack supplies a collection of over 3,000 templates. Read more at Themeinn and Mac App Store.
Templates_for_MS_Word_by_GN_4.0_MAS__TNT_.dmg   (download)
231.90 MB
  • Expert Templates – Templates for MS Word 3.0 – The collection of 287 easy-to-use templates for creating business and personal documents with MS Word- Templates presents a mix of designs, from business proposals and newsletters to books and menus. Read more at Alungu and Mac App Store.
Expert_Templates_Templates_for_MS_Word_3.0_MAS_[TNT].dmg   (download)
388.56 MB
  • Business Card Expert – Templates for MS Word 2.1 – top-quality set of over 180 original templates for Microsoft Word – Mac App Store.   (download)
266.12 MB
  • Brochures Expert – Templates for MS Word 2.1 – A top-quality collection of 245 original templates for Microsoft Word processing app. Read more at Mac App Store.   (download)
1.11 GB
  • Business Template Lab – Templates for MS Word 1.0.2 – Hundreds of professional templates and near-infinite customization opportunities make it the most powerful tool available to unleash your creativity in business documents. Read more at Atjumsoft.
Business_Template_for_MS_Word_1.0.2 [TNT].dmg   (download)
1.98 GB

For Excel

  • DesiGN Templates for Excel 3.9 – The high-quality templates for Excel collection offers 340 diverse and practical templates for MS Excel. Read more at App Store.
DesiGN Templates for Excel 3 9 MAS [TNT].zip   (download)
153.11 MB
  • Templates for Excel by GN 4.0 – The high-quality Templates for Excel by GN collection offers 350 diverse and practical templates for MS Excel – Read more at Homepage and Mac App Store.
Templates for Excel by GN 4 0 MAS   (download)
149.35 MB
  • Templates for MS Excel – Xpert Designs 3.0 [TNT] – Make use of these 30 diverse and practical templates for MS Excel to make your daily job much more manageable. Read more at Homepage and Mac App Store.
Templates_for_MS_Excel_Xpert_Designs_v3.0_MAS_[TNT].dmg   (download)
14.68 MB

For PowerPoint

Themes for MS PowerPoint by GN 3 8 MAS   (download)
390.09 MB
  • Themes FX for MS PowerPoint 2.0 – includes 20 themes, each providing 14 master slides, which allow you to choose the ideal layout for your ideas, proposals, and solutions. Read more at Alungu and Mac App Store.
Themes FX for MS PowerPoint 2.0.dmg   (download)
521.86 MB
  • Infographics Lab – Templates for MS PowerPoint 1.0.4 – a massive collection of thousands of data visualization tools to illustrate and enhance your Microsoft PowerPoint presentations! Every single item is crafted to perfection to be visually captivating and easily customizable. Read more at Homepage and Mac App Store.
Infographics – PPT Templates 1 1 2 MAS [TNT].zip   (download)
1.36 GB
  • Templates for MS Powerpoint – Xpert Designs 3.0 – These 15 high-quality designs for PowerPoint presentations are more than just good-looking backgrounds. Read more at Homepage and Mac App Store.
Templates_for_MS_Powerpoint_-_Xpert_Designs_3.0_MAS_[TNT].dmg   (download)
20.66 MB
  • Slide Design Expert – Templates for MS Powerpoint 3.0 – These 15 high-quality designs for PowerPoint presentations are more than just good-looking backgrounds. Read more at Homepage and Mac App Store.
Slide_Design_Expert_Templates_for_MS_Powerpoint_v3.0_MAS_[TNT].dmg   (download)
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  • GraphicRiver – 4 In 1 Powerpoint Bundle 10762022 – This is the best bundle for people who are looking for variety of slides into one file. You will get 4 different powerpoint presentation files at the price of one. You will get more than 20000 slides. So many color options.
PBundle   (download)
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  • Click Powerpoint Template – Think in success, close business, get new accounts, impress your audience, think all you can do with this amazing template. Included: More than 6,000 slides, More than 100 Colors, Master Slide Based, One click color changer, Images placeholder based (drag and drop), 500 free font icons,…
CreativeMarket – Click Powerpoint   (download)
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Martik Powerpoint   (download)
19.40 MB
[Graphicriver][12329068] Powerpoint Mega Bundle – Templates [Fluck3…   (download)
1.41 GB   (download)
15.32 MB

To master Office 2016 on Mac, look at Mac Office 2016 Tips for saving a lot of time.

For Windows, look at How to get Microsoft Office for Mac 2016 pro plus full version free.

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  • Kamil Kowalski

    after instalation word opens it self, and then commands in terminal do not work. what should we do the prewent word from opening after instalation? I tried to forse quit installer when it was done but it didn’t work, word opened itself anyway…

    • Pop Tiz

      Same thing happened to me! Is there a workaround?

      • Chopeto

        Don't close the last window, because that makes word starts

    • Did you download and install compatible Command Line Tool?

    • Chopeto

      Dont Close the last window because that makes word starts

  • Mathias Aranguiz

    it doesnt work for me either =/

    • It is quite complicated. You should follow all comments of the others to solve your problem.

  • joao

    works fine here!

  • Vikas Singh

    even after step 5 i continue to get permission denied. please help

  • Chopeto

    You have to left a space before drop the patch ex. sudo chmod 777 (after you do a space yo have to drop)

    • Mohamed Alnachif

      Thank you man, i was stuck on that point and it didn't work. I tried 10 times until i read your comment 😀

      • Chopeto

        Its ok friend, if You update you have to do the patch thing again.

        • Diego Valderrama

          I installed it and it works great, then I update the software and then repatching it but the activate option doesnt work. any idea to solve it?

  • Chen Peng

    is this upgradable?

    • I am not sure. However, I personally assume that the are no reasons to upgrade to higher version if I am being happy with the current one. Cheers!

  • James R

    Hola a todos. El archivo .zip que contiene el paquete de office 2016, también contiene el Command Line Tools tanto para Mavericks como para Yosemite.
    1) Se instala el Command Line Tools que corresponda
    2) Se instala el MS Office 2016
    3) Abrir la terminal y deben jalar y soltar el activador y pedirá contraseña de administrador
    4) Si los permisos salen denegados, hay que escribir sudo chmod 777 (después del 777 hay que darle un espacio y luego jalan y sueltan el activador) y pedirá contraseña de administrador
    NOTA: Si les sucede que durante estos pasos se les abre Word, solo ciérrenlo y salgan de la aplicación completamente.
    5) Si les tocó pasar por el paso No. 4), entonces en el paso 5 la terminal no hace nada, por lo tanto deben cerrar la terminal
    6) Abrir nuevamente la terminal, y jalan y sueltan el activador, les pedirá la contraseña y listo, Office 2016 está activado.

    Gracias por el aporte eShareload

    • Randy Duran Perez

      como se entra la contrasenha de administrador??

      • James R

        Al abrir la terminal y jalar y soltar el activador, aparece un recuadro solicitando la contraseña de administrador, la ingresamos y damos enter. Si no aparece este recuadro, seguimos con el punto 4.

        • Randy Duran Perez

          pues a mi no me funciona 🙁

          • Randy Duran Perez

            HAHAHA después de 50 intentos me funciono gracias

          • James R

            Algo podrías estar omitiendo. Si quieres me escribes a [email protected] para poder ayudarte mejor. Saludos

  • Chen Peng

    Can I keep the update on for this? Or should I turn it off? Please help. Thanks!!!!

  • Furkan

    Thank you very much. I think it worked on my Mac, but I want to make sure. How do I check if it is activated or not?

  • เซเลป เวฟแดง

    Thank you. I have problem in the last step. bash: user: command not found. What can i do? What is Admin password?

  • lucato


  • sultan_tabbara

    Works great but am not sure if its safe to update…am testing it now and will provide feedback 😛

  • sultangt

    Okay after testing its confirmed if you update the activation is don't 🙂

    • Chopeto

      if You update you have to do the patch thing again.

  • Tinh Nguyen

    Hi ! it didnt work for me, after fixing "permission denied" it asked me for password, can u tell me for fixing it.

    • Miki

      When terminal response ask for password then you see there is one symbol at there. Write your mac password same as when you input password for log in to your mac. Next, click enter. Let see. You can try too. I have been success trying for these steps.

  • cindy kim

    Everything worked but the save, save as, and print button on excel. So weird…..but everything else seems to work fine. I've tried to find a solution to this but I can't seem to no matter how many forum places I search. The save, save as and print button is grayed out and if I try to close the document there's a save sign which i click and there comes up an alert sign saying document not saved……I have no idea what to do…

    • u4ea50

      Same problem. Can't save or print in excel, which is a problem. Tried reapplying the patch, did not solve problem.

  • Randy Duran Perez

    After trying a lot to put the patch it worked for me thanks

  • YoArin

    I have Yosemite 10.10. How can I download this?

  • Frank Ooi Wei Han

    Weis-MacBook-Pro:~ FrankOoi$ /Users/FrankOoi/Downloads/Microsoft Office for Mac 2016 v15.11.2/MSO15.11.2Patch

    Patching Microsoft Office Outlook…

    We trust you have received the usual lecture from the local System

    Administrator. It usually boils down to these three things:

    #1) Respect the privacy of others.

    #2) Think before you type.

    #3) With great power comes great responsibility.


    How about i face this when drag the patching file to pls…

    • Julien BESNIER

      The Password is your password to unlock your mac, it's a way to say the fact that you're okay to change something in the mac (admin)

  • PrimusOptime

    is there any way to do it on El Capitan?

    when doing as said in the tutorial it shows me "cannot execute binary file"

  • Julien BESNIER

    Can week-end log in with our Microsoft Account or not ?

  • Bengiş Kama

    I can't write password there is a symbol . help me:(

    • Julien BESNIER

      You can't see the characters you type but if you type your password (of the session) and you tap enter it works fine

      • Indra Iroth

        same case… but after read your comment i finnaly did it perfectly… thankyou

  • 秋秋秋

    It said i' ve done but I can' t use microsoft as well. How can I do?

    • Hope This Helps

      Same Problem , Did you solve it ? Any one else ? Any help !!

    • Marina Mayer

      Does anyone have a solution for this? Same problem. Worked great on one computer, but not on the other.

  • Bianca Colina A. Diokno

    After step 5, i tried opening them but they all said that preview has ended. what do i do?

  • PAA

    I'm on OS 10.9 and when I start step n°3 it says (as soon as I clic) "This version needs OS 10.10"… Is it normal ?

  • Miki

    Could anyone give me instruction to insert the patch into the terminal? It doesn't work at all when I put the patches then click enter, and also when i write sudo chmod 777 then drag the patches again. Is there something wrong? Helppp. Thanks before.

  • Florian Chevereau

    Perfect ! what's about updating and re-patching ? does it work ?

    • Diego Valderrama

      Hi, It doesn work for me. (Updating and repatching)

  • Myo Thant Zin

    I am facing “Permission denied” error. After closing the Terminal, I opened Terminal again and typed the following command:

    sudo chmod 777 (drag and drop the Patcher into) and then Enter.

    But following error occur. How about this problem?
    -bash: syntax error near unexpected token `('


      Same.. Have you solved it?

      • Xuan LUO

        Same issue…how did you solve it ?

        • Hope This Helps

          You don't use "(" ")" Just write sudo chmod 777 "patcher"
          Drag and drop after a space after 777.

  • Kim Sahalio

    umm a tiny question… Ive done everything and I'm stuck at when I'm launching the software its opening up also microsoft support, and its not letting me laugh microsoft, i don't know what happened but reply me as soon as possible please…

  • Sandeep

    Thanks for this.. it has worked perfectly for me 🙂 Just one question, how do I manage updates? I ran an update previously. Then it told me that I need to activate it? So had to uninstall the whole thing and re-install.. :/

  • Nick Evangeliou

    Everything was fine until I updated… Since then, it requires activation again, I patched, but it failed:

    Patching Microsoft Office Outlook…


    perl: warning: Setting locale failed.

    perl: warning: Please check that your locale settings:

    LC_ALL = "en_US.utf8",

    LC_MONETARY = "en_US.utf8",

    LC_NUMERIC = "en_US.utf8",

    LC_MESSAGES = "en_US.UTF-8",

    LC_COLLATE = "en_US.UTF-8",

    LC_CTYPE = "en_US.UTF-8",

    LC_TIME = "en_US.UTF-8",

    LANG = "en_US.UTF-8"

    are supported and installed on your system.

    perl: warning: Falling back to the standard locale ("C").

    /Applications/Microsoft replacing existing signature

    Patching Microsoft Office Word…

    perl: warning: Setting locale failed.

    perl: warning: Please check that your locale settings:

    LC_ALL = "en_US.utf8",

    LC_MONETARY = "en_US.utf8",

    LC_NUMERIC = "en_US.utf8",

    LC_MESSAGES = "en_US.UTF-8",

    LC_COLLATE = "en_US.UTF-8",

    LC_CTYPE = "en_US.UTF-8",

    LC_TIME = "en_US.UTF-8",

    LANG = "en_US.UTF-8"

    are supported and installed on your system.

    perl: warning: Falling back to the standard locale ("C").

    /Applications/Microsoft replacing existing signature

    Patching Microsoft Office Excel…

    perl: warning: Setting locale failed.

    perl: warning: Please check that your locale settings:

    LC_ALL = "en_US.utf8",

    LC_MONETARY = "en_US.utf8",

    LC_NUMERIC = "en_US.utf8",

    LC_MESSAGES = "en_US.UTF-8",

    LC_COLLATE = "en_US.UTF-8",

    LC_CTYPE = "en_US.UTF-8",

    LC_TIME = "en_US.UTF-8",

    LANG = "en_US.UTF-8"

    are supported and installed on your system.

    perl: warning: Falling back to the standard locale ("C").

    /Applications/Microsoft replacing existing signature

    Patching Microsoft Office PowerPoint…

    perl: warning: Setting locale failed.

    perl: warning: Please check that your locale settings:

    LC_ALL = "en_US.utf8",

    LC_MONETARY = "en_US.utf8",

    LC_NUMERIC = "en_US.utf8",

    LC_MESSAGES = "en_US.UTF-8",

    LC_COLLATE = "en_US.UTF-8",

    LC_CTYPE = "en_US.UTF-8",

    LC_TIME = "en_US.UTF-8",

    LANG = "en_US.UTF-8"

    are supported and installed on your system.

    perl: warning: Falling back to the standard locale ("C").

    /Applications/Microsoft replacing existing signature

    Credits go to darkvoid.

    All done! Enjoy! 🙂

    ANY IDEAS????

  • joel

    que pagina tan pupu

  • Alan Q Costa

    Thanks guys!!
    For now it's working great!
    Let's se until it's going to be like this!!!kkk
    Brazilian Hugs!

  • Andrew Baruch

    Its still a free trial for me. Anyone help?

  • mattia29

    A new patcher is needed. If you update it, it won't become active.

    • Dany Fitch

      I know man… it sucks!

  • Kimmie Fitzgerald

    I opened terminal and permission denied, but I did what it says and still it says sorry, try again under password, it won't let me put in an admin password

  • Dany Fitch

    I'm looking for a newer patch… somebody?

  • Sencer Aramok

    thats fucking awesome man i used code signature somehing like that in terminal and thats shitty microsoft programs now workin i really appreciated, microsoft sucks

  • Tutu

    I have a question. If I install this version will the latest version be changed? can I keep the 2011 and 2016 version?

  • Kyle

    I only have viewing permission. It is telling me to sign in to my Microsoft account to gain editing permission. How to I fix this?

  • sara dravid

    Hai Hashmi Can U provide Password for Protools 11 Crack RAR file

  • Nicola Peccin

    This only worked for Excel and PowerPoint for me, for some reason. Does anyone know how to fix Word?

  • Joe79

    Hi guys.. I have installed office 2016 on my iMac running el capitan. The patch doesn't seems to work. I got this "cannot execute binary file" after execution. Can anybody help me on this? Or this patch doesn't work on El capitan?

    • Andrey Fortes

      same question, anyone?

    • Jason

      Same for me , finally i got one genuine license from mskeyoffer(doc)com ,u could also try this way

  • geniium

    Does that still work with the latest version? Trial version seems to expires now.

  • Francesco Cassar

    i used auto update, then the program did not allow me to edit any more, what should i do?

  • Andrey Fortes

    does it work with el capitan?

  • Hugh Angelo Sonon

    I installed this but it was super laggy. Word seems okay but the other apps keep lagging my computer. Can you tell me how to uninstall the terminal software?

  • アウファ أوفى

    Arabic language is not supported in this edition !! how can I fix it ?? or anyone have any good idea about an Arabic language package for this edition ??

  • Mr Jay

    Hi guys, from the link above, it does work and the patcher too, but this version seems to be missing Publisher and Access 2016, any upload links for the pro version of MS office please? @Kecodoc – many thanks for this 🙂

  • Silviana Chandra

    I installed but it doesn;t allow me to edit or anything just view

  • Adrian Aguilar

    Awesome sharing, you could try this website ,u can translate to English , it’s quite convenient ,after download, u could use KMS to activate , if you want to use genuine key to activate permanently , go to mskeyoffer(doc)com ,thanks

  • Eirig Rothschild

    Can’t install using capitan, access always denied. pls advice

  • Eirig Rothschild

    Can’t install using capitan, access always denied even if i already do the step 4. please advice

    • teaso

      i had the same problem, but when i read carefully i make a mistake.
      1 – open the terminal
      2 – sudo chmod 777 ( drag and drop the patch ) and press enter
      3 – enter your password (macbook password) if needed
      4 – drag and drop the patch into the terminal (again) and press enter .
      ( normally you will se information with enjoy! at the end )
      5 – open word / excel …

      • Michael Rivoira

        These are the instructions that finally worked for me! Thanks!!
        OS X El Capitan Macbook Pro (Early 2015)

      • Danilo Poinho PC#347

        That worked for me! Tks!

      • Alok Verma

        Hey Buddy, Thanks a TON

        I was about to give up when i finally tried your steps. And it worked like magic. Installed Office 365 on Mac OS Sierra. Thanks again… 🙂


        It works very good. After installing, can I update to a new release above 15.11.2?

  • How big is the Mac Office 15.19.1 dmg file? it’s 2.9 GB already and still the download isn’t over???

    • Fernando Savio

      Just for the record, the file has 3.76 GB.

  • Also, how to install the v 15.19.1. There’s no patcher file and there’s different installed for Word, powerpoint, excel, etc !! Will the patcher for 15.11.2 work for 15.19? Somebody pls respond asap.. Thanks in advance !

  • Billy Lau

    Does this still works?

  • shockman

    i dl the 15.19.1 file, but each app has an updater.pkg file. also don’t see the patcher in the dmg file, just a license installer. does each app have to be installed, then a patcher run, or should i just use the older version already listed here?

  • azie

    help i dont understand till the part i have to write in password once at terminal the password in the video seems odd and theres no copy paste version:(

  • Amy Avani

    This is still saying that I need to sign up to edit. If I opened it once without it working, does this mean I need to uninstall and start over?

  • Maulidan Kamal

    i want to reinstall again, how to uninstall the app?

  • Anna Kingston

    after putting in the sudo chmod 777 and the link, i press enter and it asks me for my password. However, there is a key symbol where i am supposed to write, it seems to be locked as I cannot type my password or anything else. Any recommendations?

    • Anna Kingston

      never mind the above, i worked it out. However, it hasn’t activated Office yet. The three month trial period came up and it asking me to purchase as per usual.

  • rakesh kushwah

    I have tried it but permission denied, what to do please.. due to this all we have removed our office 11

  • DUDA

    what i do with the command line tool?

  • Aditya Jain

    after putting in the sudo chmod 777 and the link, i press enter and it asks me for my password. However, there is a key symbol where i am supposed to write, it seems to be locked as I cannot type my password or anything else. Any recommendations?

    • Aditya Jain

      okay now i’ve done the password step…
      but i can’t do it again

      • AlineS

        I just installed on my macbook pro also with El Capitan and it worked fine. I did get the “Permission denied” error but was able to fix it. It took a few try and error but it worked. I downloaded the patch separately, because I didn’t know it was already on the office file. I don’t know if you are using the one that came with the file.
        Also, have you installed the Command Line Tool? I installed one the two that also came with the file.
        With the password issue, just close the terminal (cmd+q) and open again. Worked for me. Good luck.

  • Marcus Rosario

    hey guys – I don’t know why I could not type my password. I used the same command and patch but it’s not working . I am using x el capitan. can someone answer me?

  • Meng Meng

    HELP!! What’s the passport?

    • Itzik Marziano

      I can not write the password, I understand that you had the same problem, how do I solve it?
      I have a key symbol and you can not write.
      Is then everything worked for you? Are there any other version better?

  • Hiro

    Hi, I downloaded the 15.9.1 from the link in Paragon but there is no patch file. Anyone can help me with this? Thanks a lot.

  • KahKaha

    guys sssa as

  • Hi Guys,

    1st of all many thanks to this blog, it was really helpfull. I am able to install and activate office 2016 on my MBP. One thing which I notice that after installation I got a notification that there is some update available for installed version of office. Now I am not sure wheather I should acept the update or not, because might be the update will detect some file signature has been changed and then afterwards it will start asking to activate it the product or illegal microsoft product.
    Please suggest if some know if nothing will happen like I suspect or I should avoid any further incoming update. Many thanks in adavnce.

  • Bliss Andoh

    Just installed it on my MacBook Pro, works perfectly. Thanks a million.


      Did you make any update of version after installing?

      • Bliss Andoh

        No I haven’t updated to the new version yet, but I have performed system updates without any issues.


          Thanks. Which release are you using now? i’m in release 15.11.2. There’s a update asking to 15.27.0, but I’m afraid of losing my office 2016..

          • Bliss Andoh

            You won’t lose it if you update because it’s just a system update and not an upgrade. I’m on 15.27.0, without any issues.

          • HEXADOBRASIL

            Thank you very much. I’ll do this now.

  • John Smith

    Thanks man.

    • John Jesnen

      Just simple installation process.

    • Ella Lener

      I guess this is the full version.

      • Petra Loreen

        I will check it now.

    • John Smith

      Just install it. It is activated.

    • Jeremiah Johnson


  • Patricia Loreen

    Is it activated?

    • Vanessa Garsson


  • Vanessa Garsson

    Thank you. I will check it.

    • Wella Loreen

      How to use it?

    • Patricia Loreen

      Is this the latest version?

  • Wella Loreen

    Thank you for sharing it here.

  • Jimmy Rocket

    Hm I downloaded a 75KB file. Very trustworthy…

  • Vanessa Garsson

    Thank you!

    • Patricia Loreen

      How to use it?

      • Patricia Loreen


  • John Jesnen

    Can you help me to install it?

  • Alexis Campbell

    Thanks man.

    • Jimmy Smith

      me too.

  • Lisa Sansone

    Can you help me to install it?

    • Tim Barone

      Just follow the steps to install.

    • William Grone

      Search on Google.

      • Thomas Marino


  • Tim Barone

    I think it works.

    • Alexis Campbell

      Is this the latest version?

      • Lisa Sansone

        Yes it is.

  • Janette Mclean


  • Larry Smith

    Excellent video, for one who can’t activate sucessfully, please try mskeyoffer(doc)com to get one license for activation

  • Nishant Bhide

    Hi, will this work on Sierra ?

    • Wendy Kusuma

      nope this work with my latest el capitan version, but when i updated to sierra, it keep showing the error reporting, i dont know will it work again with reinstalling but i dont think so…

      • I tried re installing and its not working. anyone know where can we get one worls for sierra?

        • Rebeca Saraí

          Heey! You could fix it? I’m having the same problem..

          I even reinstalled and tried Safe Mode and everything.

          You know if there is another patch working for Sierra?

      • KahfiYouth

        Same with me..any updates for Sierra?

        • Rebeca Saraí

          Hey, Have you found one that works for Sierra?

  • Diego the Explorer

    Why there is a key symbol in the password and I can’t type my password. I have already try many times to close and open the terminal and drag and drop the patcher into the terminal. I can’t type my password.

  • Hi Guys! I have updated to sierra and it keeps showing a error message when im opening office. can anyone help me please?

    Thank you

    • same problem. please help asap.

    • Rebeca Saraí

      I know this is the 2nd time I ask you, but I was working on Word.
      Did you find a patch that work?

    • Nguyen Ken

      same problem, couldn’t use anymore !

  • Need UPDATED patch for MAC OS Sierra. It keeps crashing.


    • Rebeca Saraí

      Heey! You could fix it? I’m having the same problem..

      I even reinstalled and tried Safe Mode and everything.

      You know if there is another patch working for Sierra?

  • Hamze El Haj

    Hey, when I use the patcher, Microsoft products start shutting down immediately after I launch them. Can you help me why that?

    • Rebeca Saraí

      Heey! You could fix it? Any office app is instantly closing and reporting a problem when I open them since I updated to Sierra.

      I even reinstalled and tried Safe Mode and everything.

      You know if is another patch working for Sierra?

  • junaid abbas

    Its not working on Mac Sierra.. Any Clue??

  • frannie

    Nothing is working for me :(. My brother directed me to this site, but every link I click on says “page not found”. I tried to download the full Microsoft office for Mac but it’s been downloading for almost 24 hours! What am I doing wrong?

    • frannie

      Im using Sierra 10.12.1 if that helps. Please help me download office. I need to access my resume 🙁

  • Admin

    If this link doesn’t work for you here’s the latest working crack:

  • Admin

    If this link doesn’t work for you here’s the latest crack:

  • En Anas

    problem after updating to sierra

  • Boyle

    You can just update office to the newest version and then use the patch,it will still work.

  • Mark Maxwell

    how do I enter the password cause its not allowing me to type onto the terminal

    • Anastasia Pyvovarevych

      i have the same problem! help!

  • Alisa Nistor

    Hi!! What passowrd it s requiring me????

  • Gianluca De Vincenti

    with Mac OS sierra dosn’t work anymore :/

  • juicypeanut

    do you have link to install command line tool for mas os sierra?


    is it safe to do autoupdates once you have it running? please let me know i dont want to risk loosing it!! thanks
    also u must leave a space after sudo chmod 777!!!!!! thanks to who posted that

  • Jahan Hazarika


  • Ashish Gupta


  • Marinela Bodnarescu


  • Surfer

    is says this free preview has expired.

  • Ahmed Saif

    not works in mac os sierra. it crash when opening any office app like word, powerpoint etc.
    Can any one give me sugestion how can I fix this issue.

  • Hanna Emilan

    Guys who want to download permanent office 2016 product key can go to google to search “saveekey”, I just got one from this, works like a charm!

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  • Shingshong

    Hello! This helped me a great deal thank you so much! My OS is OSX EL-capitan, btw thank you for the instructions it definitely worked for me.

  • Ibrahim Eryılmaz

    do you have access to office