Mac Office 2016 15.11.2 full version free

Hot! Mac Office 2018 update: Free patcher to activate fully the Latest Microsoft Office 2016 v16.14.1, v16.10 & 15.41.0 [Official version released in 2017] on Mac – It is not about how to crack Mac Office 2016, you download and get free Mac Office 2016 – full version (supports MacOS High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks,…) – Famous and useful Paid Plugins, Templates, and Themes are shared to download for free at the end of this topic, and you should not miss this part.

Apple designs iWork bundle with iWork, Keynote, and Pages for a MS Office alternative. You can download the latest iWork set from our another topic here.

At for me, MS Office is an essential software. Office 2016 for Mac is now available and compatible to all OS X versions including High Sierra.

I still use the Office 2011 on my Mac since It works so stably and I have found every functions I need. I did share The Latest Mac Office 2011 Full version on another topic that may be helpful on some users.

Mac System Requirements to master office 2016 well

• Mac computer with an Intel CPU.
• Mac OS X – High Sierra, Sierra, Mavericks, Yosemite and El Capitan.
• at least 1 GB of RAM would be recommended.
• at list 6.45 GB of free hard disk space for installing and running.
• Hard disk formatting such as HFS + (also known as Mac OS Extended or HFS Plus)
• A monitor with 1280×800 resolution or higher
• Recommended Safari 7 ​

We do not discuss much about new functions and features of new Mac Office 2016 in this article. Let’s download the full version for Mac OS X and see how to get it fully activated in few seconds.

How to get Mac Office 2016 Full version for free?

Firstly, you need to remove completely all other offices (Preview, Office 2011, even existing Office 2016 installed) in your Mac OS X. You might want to take a look at – Best Free Uninstallers to remove completely app in OS X and How to uninstall and remove Office 2016 from Mac completely.


Firstly, to avoid of that the downloaded files can not be opened under Mac OS X, the Gatekeeper must be disabled to get rid of possible problems.

All the following versions (from Newest to oldest)  were tested and uploaded by MacDrug for Safety purpose:

Newest update (1st – July, 2018):
1.65 GB


  • Mac Office 2016 v16.13 Full version
1.65 GB
  • Mac Office 2016 v16.12 Full version
1.64 GB
  • Mac Office 16.11 Full version:
2.45 GB

Mac Office 16.10 Full version:
3.20 GB
  • Mac Office 16.9.1 Full version:
1Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac v16.9.1
4.79 GB

  • Mac Office 16.9.0 Full version:
1.57 GB
  • Mac Office 2016 v15.41 Full version

Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac v15.41.0
1.55 GB

Mac Office 2016 for Mac v15.41 Crack

  • Mac Office 2016 v15.40 Full version   (download)
1.56 GB

If the above versions do not work on you somehow, the following older versions still work well.

  • Microsoft Mac Office 2016 v15.39.0 (Installer + Activation tool)

Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac 15.39.0   (download)
1.56 GB

How to crack?

Just click on the Activation tool, the whole Mac Office 2016 Suite will be activated for FREE in seconds.

Otherwise, the following older version still works perfectly on too many users even the activation process is a little bit more complicated.

  • Microsoft Office For Mac 2016 v15.22 + Update + License Installer

Microsoft Office For Mac 2016 v15.22 + Update + License Installer.rar   (download)
1.84 GB

How to crack Office For Mac 2016 v15.22?

The following tutorial is for Office 2016 v15.22 only.

+, Step 1: Download an install Command Line Tool

How to install Command Line Tool in Mac OS X? We can install Command Line Tool in MacOS X all versions including the new MacOS Sierra and High Sierra through Terminal using the following command line:

    1. Launch the Terminal, found in /Applications/Utilities/
    2. Type the following command string:

xcode-select --install

+, Step 2: Install Mac Office 2016 at Trial

Run Microsoft_Office_2016_Installer.pkg downloaded to install, do not open any apps after installing is completed.

Install Mac Office 2016 full free

+, Step 3: Get Mac Office 2016 activated using Patcher through Terminal under Mac OS X

To run Terminal: Applications > Utilities > Terminal
Drag and drop the Patcher into Terminal > Enter > Admin password required. Done!

Activate Mac Office 2016 free

How to fix Permission denied?

During patching through Terminal, you might face “Permission denied” error. In this case, close the Terminal, then open Terminal again and type the following command:

sudo chmod 777 (drag and drop the Patcher into) and then Enter.

After that redo again the Step 3.

+, Step 4: Enjoy your Mac Office for FREE

Look at the result:

Mac Office 2016 fully patchedShare the article if it is helpful. Cheers!

Paid Plugins, Templates, and Themes for Mac Office 2016 Suite – Free download

  • Templates Lab for MS Office 3.2.3 – a comprehensive collection of templates to supercharge your work on Microsoft Office for Mac. Read more at Jumsoft and Mac App Store.
Templates_Lab_for_MS_Office_3.2.3_MAS__TNT_.dmg   (download)
7.48 GB

  • Bundle for MS Office by GN 6.0 – the ultimate helping hand for users of MS Office. It provides you with original designs template. Read more at Themeinn and Mac App Store.
Bundle for MS Office by GN 6 0 MAS   (download)
675.64 MB
  • EXpert Bundle – Templates for MS Office 3.1 – 262 designs for Microsoft Word, 30 diverse and practical templates for Microsoft Excel, 10 high-quality designs for Microsoft PowerPoint. Reat more at Alungu and Mac App Store.
Expert_Bundle_-_Templates_for_MS_Office_v3.1_MAS_[TNT].dmg   (download)
340.86 MB

For Word

  • Print Lab for Word – Templates 3.2.4 – a powerful companion to supercharge your personal and business Microsoft Word documents. Mac App Store link.
Print Templates for Word by GN 3 2 4 MAS   (download)
62.24 MB
Print_Lab_for_Word_-_Templates_3.2.3_MAS__TNT_.dmg   (download)
63.67 MB
  • Templates for MS Word by GN 4.0 – The handy Templates for MS Word pack supplies a collection of over 3,000 templates. Read more at Themeinn and Mac App Store.
Templates_for_MS_Word_by_GN_4.0_MAS__TNT_.dmg   (download)
231.90 MB
  • Expert Templates – Templates for MS Word 3.0 – The collection of 287 easy-to-use templates for creating business and personal documents with MS Word- Templates presents a mix of designs, from business proposals and newsletters to books and menus. Read more at Alungu and Mac App Store.
Expert_Templates_Templates_for_MS_Word_3.0_MAS_[TNT].dmg   (download)
388.56 MB
  • Business Card Expert – Templates for MS Word 2.1 – top-quality set of over 180 original templates for Microsoft Word – Mac App Store.   (download)
266.12 MB
  • Brochures Expert – Templates for MS Word 2.1 – A top-quality collection of 245 original templates for Microsoft Word processing app. Read more at Mac App Store.   (download)
1.11 GB
  • Business Template Lab – Templates for MS Word 1.0.2 – Hundreds of professional templates and near-infinite customization opportunities make it the most powerful tool available to unleash your creativity in business documents. Read more at Atjumsoft.
Business_Template_for_MS_Word_1.0.2 [TNT].dmg   (download)
1.98 GB

For Excel

  • DesiGN Templates for Excel 3.9 – The high-quality templates for Excel collection offers 340 diverse and practical templates for MS Excel. Read more at App Store.
DesiGN Templates for Excel 3 9 MAS [TNT].zip   (download)
153.11 MB
  • Templates for Excel by GN 4.0 – The high-quality Templates for Excel by GN collection offers 350 diverse and practical templates for MS Excel – Read more at Homepage and Mac App Store.
Templates for Excel by GN 4 0 MAS   (download)
149.35 MB
  • Templates for MS Excel – Xpert Designs 3.0 [TNT] – Make use of these 30 diverse and practical templates for MS Excel to make your daily job much more manageable. Read more at Homepage and Mac App Store.
Templates_for_MS_Excel_Xpert_Designs_v3.0_MAS_[TNT].dmg   (download)
14.68 MB

For PowerPoint

Themes for MS PowerPoint by GN 3 8 MAS   (download)
390.09 MB
  • Themes FX for MS PowerPoint 2.0 – includes 20 themes, each providing 14 master slides, which allow you to choose the ideal layout for your ideas, proposals, and solutions. Read more at Alungu and Mac App Store.
Themes FX for MS PowerPoint 2.0.dmg   (download)
521.86 MB
  • Infographics Lab – Templates for MS PowerPoint 1.0.4 – a massive collection of thousands of data visualization tools to illustrate and enhance your Microsoft PowerPoint presentations! Every single item is crafted to perfection to be visually captivating and easily customizable. Read more at Homepage and Mac App Store.
Infographics – PPT Templates 1 1 2 MAS [TNT].zip   (download)
1.36 GB
  • Templates for MS Powerpoint – Xpert Designs 3.0 – These 15 high-quality designs for PowerPoint presentations are more than just good-looking backgrounds. Read more at Homepage and Mac App Store.
Templates_for_MS_Powerpoint_-_Xpert_Designs_3.0_MAS_[TNT].dmg   (download)
20.66 MB
  • Slide Design Expert – Templates for MS Powerpoint 3.0 – These 15 high-quality designs for PowerPoint presentations are more than just good-looking backgrounds. Read more at Homepage and Mac App Store.
Slide_Design_Expert_Templates_for_MS_Powerpoint_v3.0_MAS_[TNT].dmg   (download)
21.54 MB
  • GraphicRiver – 4 In 1 Powerpoint Bundle 10762022 – This is the best bundle for people who are looking for variety of slides into one file. You will get 4 different powerpoint presentation files at the price of one. You will get more than 20000 slides. So many color options.
PBundle   (download)
841.79 MB
  • Click Powerpoint Template – Think in success, close business, get new accounts, impress your audience, think all you can do with this amazing template. Included: More than 6,000 slides, More than 100 Colors, Master Slide Based, One click color changer, Images placeholder based (drag and drop), 500 free font icons,…
CreativeMarket – Click Powerpoint   (download)
1.25 MB
  • Creativemarket Martik PowerPoint Template 494473 – For making a strong professional impact, go with this Modern Minimal PowerPoint template. It has a very clean, formal look that is perfect for your next big presentation (Screenshots). Read more...
Martik Powerpoint   (download)
19.40 MB
[Graphicriver][12329068] Powerpoint Mega Bundle – Templates [Fluck3…   (download)
1.41 GB   (download)
15.32 MB

To master Office 2016 on Mac, look at Mac Office 2016 Tips for saving a lot of time.

For Windows, look at How to get Microsoft Office for Mac 2016 pro plus full version free.

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