Get Photoshop CS6 for Mac free

Mac Adobe Photoshop CS6 Full version free download as well as  how to crack Photoshop CS6 for Mac are points in the range of this short writing

For Windows, look at: Download Photoshop CC 2015 Full Crack (32bit + 64bit) – newest version.

Mac Adobe Photoshop Extended CS6 delivers all the imaging magics for designers, photographers, or personal using purposes on Mac OS X. That you are looking for it means you do know about it already, so I don’t want to talk about further features any more. Let’s get started!

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6 Steps to get Mac Adobe Photoshop CS6 Full version free

  • Step 1: Download all necessary tools

We need 3 components (Adobe CS6 instruction.rtf, Crack tools folder and Mac Adobe photoshop CS6 setup  folder) like the picture below:

Mac Adobe Photoshop CS6 Full version tools


All can be downloaded from here:

Photoshop CS6 Full version for Mac download

If you are not a member on eShare, just simply click on one of these social share buttons to get the direct download link:

Free download mac APP

After the downloading process is completely finished, take a look on the “Adobe CS6 instruction.rtf” in the downloaded folder, you see the next steps clearly.

  • Step 2: Download the Mac Photoshop CS6 setup

You could download the trial setup from any others resources, but there is a Torrent file (adobe.photoshop.cs6.torrent) in the “Mac Adobe photoshop CS6 setup”  folder. To open and download the “PCS6.dmg from torrent, you need to download and install uTorrent first.

Download Mac Photoshop CS6 setup from torrent
Download Mac Adobe Photoshop CS6 Full version free from torrent


  • Step 3: Block Adobe Photoshop CS6 connection on your Mac from Adobe’s server

Run “Block Adobe Activation” in “Crack tools” folder.

Mac Photoshop CS6 keygen

  • Step 4:  Run “PCS6.dmg” to install Adobe CS6.

Be noticed that you have to choose “Trial” to install the app as a trial version.

Mac photoshop CS6 full version installing

The installing processes require to Enter Adobe ID, and if you don’t have an ID, sign up for a free login.

  • Step 5: Copy amtlib.framework into Contents/Frameworks

After installation, go to Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS6, find and right click on the Adobe Photoshop CS6 logo choosing Show Package Contents. Then copy the amtlib.framework (inCrack tools folder.) at a replacement into Contents/Frameworks/

How to crack Mac Adobe Photoshop CS6

  • Step 6:  Activation is successful

Enjoy Adobe photoshop CS6 full free on your Mac OS X!

This is one of components of Adobe CS6 Master Collection that can be downloaded in our another topic – Get free Adobe CS6 Master Collection full version for Mac OS X Yosemite.

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Make a comment if you face any troubles.

Latest update: For the one who face the error of the block adobe activation is damaged, just follow the steps to solve the problem: Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy, click on General > Choose Anywhere at Allow applications downloaded from.

For windows (Window 7, window 8, window 10), visit here: Photoshop CS6 13.0 Full version free download

Best luck!

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  • Monique Bandeira

    the block adobe activation is damaged :c

    • It works totally. You should take this steps: Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy, click on General > Choose Anywhere at Allow applications downloaded from.

      • deepti asthana

        HI, I completed these steps and I still receive message of Block code activation is damaged

        • Hi!
          It really works on the others.

          • deepti asthana

            Okay, do you suggest something else, if this doesnt work. I also tried to skip this step and install the trial version after removing network connection and then replacing the frame work file. And when I open it, it throws error about amtlib.framework file. I am losing my mind installing it. 😀

      • Relapz
    • Albania

      I found new keys + crack for free they work perfect if you want keys hurry up! don't let some one else to use it
      Note: if you use Crack no key needed anymore :).

  • homesng

    i can’t get to the download page, it says the page is not found

    • It is really weird. You can go directly to then find this particular app.

  • joana

    Which file should I replace the amtlib.framework file for? There isn’t any with the same name on the trial files…

    • Mikael

      I have the same question…..?

      • Mikael

        Oh I just found out. U just have to copy the amtlib.framework folder it self into the Contents/Frameworks/. Then your system will ask if you wanna replace it 🙂

        • Sally

          Can you provide pictures to those steps? Im having a lot of trouble figuring out where to “replace” the file.

          • Van

            After downloading the file from, you go to Downloads, open the file, and open Crack tools. Tap once on the file “amtlib.framework”, them press and hold Command while pressing on letter C, this is to copy.

            After that, you go to Finder–> Applications –> Adobe Photoshop CS6 –> Press and hold Control while clicking on the Photoshop icon, hit Show Package Contents –> Contents —> Frameworks.

            Here you just point any where in the folder, press & hold Command while pressing on letter V, this is to paste. After you do that a box will pop up and there is a “Replace” button in the box. Hit that and you’re done. Now when you get back and double click on the Photoshop icon, it works like a dream.

          • Thank you van. That my non-english speaker sometimes causes misunderstanding.

          • Glenn Walters

            Can you help me? When I paste the crack folder code into the frameworks folder it isn’t asking me if i want to replace anything… its just moving it in there. I suspect if I’m not being ask to replace anything then it isn’t working properly.

  • Janet Chen

    I successfully completed the process; I copied the amtlib.framework (inCrack tools“ folder.) and replaced it into Contents/Frameworks/. But how do I know if i permanently have photoshop, rather than it being a trial still?

  • Janet Chen

    By the way would you happen to have a free download for Indesign as well?

  • chocoreos

    it works perfectly. thanks!

  • Kevin Lee

    This is happening when I’m trying to open the Block Adobe Activation.
    Please help

    • deepti asthana

      I also received the same error. Can you help please?

  • Shantelle

    I managed to download photoshop successfully and it open but every time I try to do anything like create a new page it crashes and these messages come up. Any solution?


    what to do when ask for update

  • Riviera Living

    Well, that went very smoothly, thanks for the excellent instructions

  • loa hyun

    well? it doesn’t work?//

  • Peter Kei


  • Adam

    It doesn’t work for me. I had a trial version earlier and now it’s still writing that my trial period is finished and I need to activate product

  • Fernando Pulleiro

    I have installed it perfectly. Can I update my Camera Raw now? canot open some files without that update..tks!!!

  • Thien La

    thank you!!!!! you are a life saver.

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  • Drake W.

    It works like a charm. Highly recommended!

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  • quinn

    I had this error message while completed all the steps and trying to lauch – To open Dreamweaver you need to install the legacy Java SE 6 runtime. When I clicked ok, the page shows that I have Java Version 8 Update 45.

  • deepti asthana

    Received this message. Can you help please?

  • Huan Tza Lee Neh

    I’m stocked here.
    When I try to install it appears the window below. It asks for the Adobe Support Advisor but that’s already discontinued. I need help:

    Do you know what sould I do to make it work?

    • Margaux

      Hi ! I have the same problem, do you find a solution ? 🙂

  • Alice

    Thank you soo much it’s working beautifully 😉 I need some more help: I now would need to download the camera raw plug in but I’m terrified of loosing photoshop again… probably a stupid doubt but I rather keep safe! any tips? thank you again!

  • erick

    you can’t the application adobe photoshop because it is not supported on this type mac 🙁

    please halp

    • Dylan Torcasio

      try update your mac

  • Iliana Jimenez

    thank you so so so so much!

  • yayaya123

    thankyou! so helpful :))

  • Roberto Florencio

    Does this work on 10.10 yosemite?

  • Margaux

    Hi, I’m blocked at the step 4, when I try to install CS6, I have this message :

    Could you help me please 🙂

    • Van

      This is “Installer fails to initialize” problem, which has to do with installing the program itself.

      Here’s what I found:

      At first download the Adobe Application Manager manually from the locations:



      Later If you are still facing issue. Rename Media_db, pdb and OOBE folder.

      The path for the above files will be:

      1: OOBE

      Windows: C>Program files or Program files(x86)>Common files>Adobe>OOBE and rename the OOBE folder to like (OOBEold).

      Mac OS X : Macintosh HD>Library>Applciation support>Adobe>OOBE .

      Note: The library will be hidden in Mac OS X version 10.7 and later you can access the hidden library ie the root library by In the Finder, choose Go > Go To Folder.

      In the Go To Folder dialog, type ~/Library and click Go to access the hidden library.

      2:Location of Media_db, pdb files.

      Windows: C>Program files or Program files(x86)>Common files>Adobe>Caps

      Mac OS X : Macintosh HD>Library>Applciation support>Adobe>Caps.

      After renaming OOBE, Media_db, pdb files run the Application manager which was downloaded and if the issue still persists then:

      Create a new Administartor account and the restart the computer and log in back to the created new admin account , log in to CCm account and then try it will work.

      If you have queries regarding Creative Cloud installation and setup, you can contact support using the below link.

      If you still cannot work it out, read this forum and follow what some others did:

      Or read Adobe support page:

      • Cheeseburger

        You're Great

  • Van

    Thanks a lot it works!

  • Pierfranco Demita

    hi, i’ve got this problem. how i can sort this out?

    it says it’s broken.


    • Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy, click on General > Choose Anywhere at Allow applications downloaded from.

  • pierro1500


    when i'm starting using photoshop, it's says "trial : 29 days" but i do everything, every step ! is it normal? thank you 😉

  • Zee D

    it says 'image data corrupted' when i try to open the pcs6 dmg file, please someone help me with this!!



  • Great it works! Thanks!

  • Ambre Mah-Fifi

    so i downloaded it and everything went smoothly, but there was a window that popped up about…modifying my browser or something? i can't remember exactly but i clicked accept instead of deny because i thought denying would screw up the whole download but now my browsers (both chrome and firefox) are acting up. it downloaded some extensions and set my search engine to yahoo and did a lot of weird things. i tried to fix it as best as i could but it's still acting weird. anyone else have this problem?

    • Random Guy

      This is probably adware/malware/random stuff. Try using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (Or any RELIABLE software that removes your malware/adware), and just look up how to set your search engine of whatever browser you are using.

  • Jaimie Tintiangko

    hi! i have successfully downloaded the program and it works perfectly! however, it prompted to tell me that it is only a trial version? is that normal? or is this simply that, a trial version? :/ i am quite confused.

    • ligia

      i get the same =/ I wonder if we'll actually lose access ater 30 days

    • freak7

      when you installed photoshop, did you open it. Then after you opened it you changed your framework. If so, you should only open photoshop after the framework is put in

  • Petrizia Coroline Martin

    Hi!! this happened to me after I did all the instructions… did I skip or did something wrong? please help 🙁

    • Slény-Marie Toussaint

      Me tooooo I need help with this as well! I got the same thing!

      • yoyo

        me too @.@ I don't know what's happening. i am kind of emergency. Plz help us

  • Choosy Diy Case


  • Jeffrey Ip

    the display in the photoshop application is much poorer than that when I am using other applications, why is that 🙁

  • Ana Steele

    Thank you so much!!! My OS is Yosemite 10.10.5, I'm afraid to upgrade to El Capitan, not sure if this will still work fine after the upgrade

    • Edrianito

      I have the same question! It’s working splendidly on Yosemite, but wondering if the El Capitan update will affect it? Are there any necessary precautions to take?

  • Rowan

    Thank you. Photoshop seems to work perfectly, except now Google Chrome no longer prints? I noticed this in the couple of days after following all the instructions as written. It seems related as nothing else changed at that time. Any ideas?

  • Kelsey

    Can you use the same framework crack file for illustrator, too, or do I need a separate one for each program?

  • Lion Holic

    Where can i download the Mac Adobe Photoshop CS6 Full version.
    I can’t open the link provided in this page as it is blocked even i liked the page via Facebook.

  • Diego

    Is necessary to close the internet connection to install it?

  • Questions

    Does this work with the El Capitan update??

    • m3rv / ripperoni :c


  • worked perfectly, thanks

  • Íris Rán Ægisdóttir

    I just cracked my photoshop cc… or I think i did…
    Is there anywhere I can see that it is now not a trial anymore?

    best regards

  • Brandon Cabrejo

    This works still! No virus comes with it so its all risk free! I downloaded it on Feb 1, 2016 on OS X El Capitan Version 10.11.2 . Just follow that first set of instructions that is given to you. Trust me, I’m a high school student photographer and this is the first time i could use cs6 without paying. Thanks a lot to those who made this cs6 crack possible!!

    • mien

      How did you replace the frameworks? I clicked on “Contents” folder, then Frameworks and I don’t know what to do next xD Did you remove the frameworks to trash then drag the cracked framework to the folder?

  • demi romero

    easy to download and im a happy camper 🙂 thank u!!!

  • Kyle Prince

    What if it does not actually offer a trial version because your trial is already used up?

  • Sồn Moé

    @eshareload:disqus a ơi, e hoàn thành xong tất cả luôn rồi ấy mà nó hiện ra là như thế này thì phải làm sao ạ? cảm ơn anh!

  • Sồn Moé

    hello, i’ve done all the steps but at the end, it shows up this message, what should i do? i really don’t understand what else is missing… please help me out, thank you so much!

  • Boom. Out

    Worked just fine! (May 20, 2016) Thank you soooooo much, saved a life here!

  • Winson Phua

    Any kind soul is willing to do a remote desktop or team viewer to help install? I’ve tried all methods but the keygen won’t register.

  • Semir Zeynu

    Thank You so much your information was very clear and i didn’t have any problem during the process….Thank Again… 🙂

  • tarana

    Um its not working in the end even after the 30 day trial and tranfer of the copied file ;-;

  • millerinna

    why i can not find file amtlib.framework into installed photoshop?

    • millerinna

      ups I found it. seems it really does work. thank you so much for that

  • Emma Burton

    Thank you. It worked for me.

    • Andrew Farrow

      is it only for mac?

      • Thomas Marino

        you should read better.

        • William Marotta


      • Richard Sansone

        it is for windows also.

  • Tim Barone

    Thanks man.

  • Scott Binder

    Thank you for sharing it here.

  • Chloe Stortz

    When I try to launch the program after it has been properly installed, I always get a window telling me my trial has expired and I need to license the product. Any idea why and what I can do about it?

  • Mohammad Abdulazez

    Thanks man!!

  • Repentnchickn Stripper

    need capable for 10.7.5 or earlier.

  • angel

    I just tried to run Block Adobe Activation but it says:
    “Block Adobe Activation is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash”

  • Richard Nelson

    Using on Mac Sierra, Block Adobe Activation came up damaged. I went to Security/Privacy only to find my two choices are : App Store or App store and identified developers. I chose the later, but it still will not open.
    Any ideas???

    • Richard Nelson

      Found answer:

      Quit System Preferences

      Open the Terminal app from the /Applications/Utilities/ folder and then enter the following command syntax:

      sudo spctl –master-disable

      Hit return and authenticate with an admin password
      Open sys preferences and the anywhere option will appear! Select it and close.

  • Kim

    Not sure if you’ve figured it out yet, but I’ll put this here in case anyone else has the same problem as you and I.

    What I did was go to this website:

    Then I went down to where it says “Download a CS6 Product”. I clicked on the third to last one on the list underneath that which says “Photoshop CS6, Photoshop CS6 Extended”. When you click on that, it’ll expand and will give you links to download the program in different languages for both Mac and Windows. Click on whichever one you need to download it.

    Then install the program as you normally would, click on the free trial option when done installing as it says above and then follow the rest of the instructions from above after that.

  • Relapz


  • Tristan Hypolite Pisenti

    and for mac ??

  • Edwin Prenum

    You may acquire the latest working Photoshop CS6 crack for Windows and Mac here: