IDM for Mac

How to install IDM (Internet download manager) in Mac OS X? How to run IDM on Mac? That is obviously possible with my tutorial.

Firstly, What is the best IDM Alternative for Mac?

Folx Pro 4 seems to be the best alternative to IDM for Mac OS X. By using same mechanism as Internet download manager, Folx pro also splits the downloads into ten different threads to maximize download speed. It comes in the following great key features:

  • Split downloads: Folx splits the targeted downloads into ten different threads to optimize the download speed
  • Schedule downloads: schedule the downloads in advance
  • Smart speed adjustment: download speed is automatically adjusted if users need to share internet speed for other softwares or activities on Mac
  • Torrent client: Folx Pro 4 a powerful torrent client
  • Search the web: Users are able to search the web for torrents directly from Folx Pro
  • iTunes integration: integrate Folx with iTunes so all of your downloaded music and videos can automatically go right into your iTunes library
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Is it possible to get IDM for Mac? Yes!

Seriously, you can get IDM for Mac too by using either Crossover or WINESKIN. How to install IDM on Mac using Wineskin? Look at this instruction. Here is how to get IDM run under Mac OS X through Crossover.

Install IDM in Mac OS X

Crossover is designed to help running Windows softwares under Mac OS X.

1. Download tools for installing IDM in Mac OS X

We need 2 tools to be ready for the processes: Crossover and Internet Download Manager.

Download Crossover pro full version free:

(If you are not a member in the download source page, just look at “Free External Download” box to get the free download link)

Download IDM full version free

This IDM is activated already – Download

How to Crack IDM through Crossover?

Just use the blocked key (share everywhere on internet), then use little snitch or edit the host file to block all outgoing connections to IDM server. You might want to take a look at: Get IDM 6 fully activated [FREE] – NO Crack.

2. Installing processes

  • Run Crossover to install window softwares in Mac OS X, you see this interface with 2 options:

CrossOver setup interface

  • Choose Option 1, Install Windows Software, new window will appear.
Install window softwares in Mac OS X
Install window softwares in Mac OS X
  • Open the IDM downloaded.
  • At Crossover, choose “proceed”, then select “jongcanz.idman617b7.exe” at the top. And then choose “install”.

Install IDM for Mac OS X

  • Once seeing install box, you will take familar setup steps to you do in Window. After installing, if the Installing Other Application bar of Crossover does not move, just select “x” and choose “done”. We now finish completely installing processes.
IDM installing processes in Mac OS X
Installing processes to get IDM for Mac

3. How to run IDM on Mac well

We now see how to use IDM (Internet download manager) in Mac OS X. To run IDM, you have to open the Crossover first.

  • From the Crossover interface, we now choose the second option – Run Installed Software.

CrossOver interface

  • Select to run IDM on Mac through CrossOver environment

How to use IMD on Mac

At the result, this is the full interface of IDM on Mac

IDM on Mac

Notification: I can not find another version of this pre-activated IDM . This IDM is missed the features that integrate into web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox. It does not matter in window environment, but still very acceptable since this IDM for Mac provides you much higher downloading speed relative to other Mac download manager applications.

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  • Can you tell me if its possible to crack idm 6.23 using crossover?

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