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upload large music song to iCloud Music Library

How to upload large music songs to iCloud Music Library

Many users have been complaining they can not upload their large music songs to iCloud Music Library. I had faced the same problem and finally...
Manually clean and fix lag iPhone

Manually Clean up iOS to fix lag on jailbroken iPhone

You can manually clean up iOS to fix lag on and speed up jailbroken iPhone very effectively. These aspects can be free up: Cydia, temporary...
iMessage avatar picture profile

Add iMessage Avatar picture profile in iOS on iPhone, iPad

You might not know yet we can actually add and change the iMessage Avatar picture profile in iOS on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch quickly in seconds. Communicating with...
delete book and pdf files from iBooks app

How to delete book and pdf files from iBooks app on iPhone or iPad

Look at our following instruction to delete and remove completely books and PDF files from iBooks application in iOS on your iPhone or iPad. It...
iPhone 6-wifi-problems

iPhone 6s Wifi problems – Fix if WiFi does not work in iOS 9.0.2

Wifi somehow does not work on iPhone 6, iPhone 6S and other iPhones after upgrading to iOS 9.0.2? Look at our tips to fix...
Downgrade iOS

How to get back iOS 8.3 after upgrading to iOS 8.4

For any reasons, you want to get back to iOS 8.3 after upgrading to iOS 8.4. Let's see how easy and quickly to downgrade...
Delete emails that are stuck in outbox

Delete email that is stuck in outbox in iOS Apple mail on iPhone, iPad

If you have an email that gets stuck in your outbox in iOS Apple mail, you will be annoyed since it constantly hungs up....
iPhone, iPad tips and tricks

iPhone, iPad awesome shortcuts you do not know, you wasting your life

There has been many sources of tips and tricks to use iOS effectively. However, in this share, you see essential and awesome iPhone-iPad shortcuts that if...
3D Touch shortcuts

Cool 3D Touch shortcuts on iPhone 6S that you may miss some

iPhone 6S comes with 3D Touch, the most awesome feature in this latest iPhone generation. Let's look at the ten cool 3D Touch shortcuts to...
Session could not be started with iPhone

“Session could not be started with iPhone” How to fix this iTunes error?

This error happens during Back up / Sync process. Users will receive an error of "Session could not be started with iPhone" or "iTunes could...
This iphone has been lost . Please call me

How to fix “This iPhone has been lost . Please call me…”

One day your iPhone is locked with the passcode you do not know. There is a constant notification on the screen: "This iPhone has been...
disable Auto-play Facebook Videos on iPhone 6S

How to disable Auto-play Facebook Videos on iPhone 6S

It is blessing since this kind of auto playing does not make any sound since Facebook let the videos is played in silent until...
Get back iOS 8.2

How to get back iOS 8.2 after updating to iOS 8.3

  There are reasons to get back iOS 8.2 from iOS 8.3 after updating. Almost iPhone users want to Downgrade iOS 8.3 back to 8.2 since the...
iPhone 6 plus slow charging

iPhone 6S Plus slow charging – how to get iPhone 6S charged quicker

is your iPhone 6S Plus charging slower than usual? Look some tips to get your iPhone 6S charged quicker. Hygiene of lightning or 30 pin port connector...