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How To Share and send Photos, files Between OS and Mac OS X devices

Share and send photos, files between Mac OS X and iOS devices [How]

How to: Send an iPhone photo to another iPhone, iPad? Transfer and share a photo or file from iPhone to OS X devices such as...
Hide Microphone Icon from iOS 9 keyboard

iOS 9 keyboard tip: hide the microphone button for easier typing

The microphone button on the keyboard is important for users who often text voice message. However, it takes a little space and and makes the other...
Play back all musics by artist on iPhone

Tip to play again all music by an artist on iPhone, iPad

In other words, we can Shuffle music from an artist to play back all their songs using iOS music player on iPhone, iPad very quickly...
iMessage not working with just one contact

[Fix] iMessage not working with just one contact person

Read our tip to fix completely if your iMessage has trouble with one contact only. I was able to iMessage to everyone, accept one person,...
Manually clean and fix lag iPhone

Manually Clean up iOS to fix lag on jailbroken iPhone

You can manually clean up iOS to fix lag on and speed up jailbroken iPhone very effectively. These aspects can be free up: Cydia, temporary...
Forgot passcode? How to restore iPhone

Forgot passcode? Restore to unlock iPhone [solution]

The use of a password (passcode) on the iPhone make your device more secure. However, sometimes this is giving you trouble unnecessarily, as when...
iPhone 6S camera flash problem

iPhone 6S camera flash not working, how to fix

Two of my customers brought back the new iPhone 6S he just bought 2 days ago and complained why the camera flash is not working....
disable Auto-play Facebook Videos on iPhone 6S

How to disable Auto-play Facebook Videos on iPhone 6S

It is blessing since this kind of auto playing does not make any sound since Facebook let the videos is played in silent until...
Ignore Verification Required to download free app on iPhone

Ignore “Verification Required” to download free apps on iPhone, iPad

It is really annoying when you are asked to go through of "Verification Required" procedure to download even free apps on your iPhone or iPad....
iPhone 6 plus slow charging

iPhone 6S Plus slow charging – how to get iPhone 6S charged quicker

is your iPhone 6S Plus charging slower than usual? Look some tips to get your iPhone 6S charged quicker. Hygiene of lightning or 30 pin port connector...
5 tips to master Facebook Messenger easily

5 cool tips to Master Facebook Messenger effectively

According to a survey, there were 9/10 users were unaware of key features such as chat groups, or delete messages sent. The following article will...
iPhone 6S touch ID problems

Touch ID not Working properly on iPhone 6S? Here is solution to Fix It

My friend complained the Touch ID function does not work properly at it is expected on her new iPhone 6S. She had to touch...
iPhone 6-wifi-problems

iPhone 6s Wifi problems – Fix if WiFi does not work in iOS 9.0.2

Wifi somehow does not work on iPhone 6, iPhone 6S and other iPhones after upgrading to iOS 9.0.2? Look at our tips to fix...
Turn Off Suggested Audio App on iPhone 6S Lock Screen

Quickly Turn Off Suggested Audio App on iPhone 6S Lock Screen

  You might feel be annoyed when the iPhone 6S shows the icon of that audio app often played by you whenever you make make hands-free on...