Tuxera ntfs 2016 crack

This is not about how to crack Tuxera 2016, not about keygen, serial number or torrent download or things related. This topic will give you the final Tuxera 2016 fully licensed for free. This version works really well under MacOS Sierra.

Very quickly, here is Tuxera 2016 full version to download

Firstly, you must be aware of that If you have installed a previous versions already, you have to remove the old one completely. Just remove the app as normal, and then delete the following files if they are existing.
– “/Library/Application/Support/Tuxera/NTFS/.activation”
– “/Library/Preferences/com.tuxera.NTFS.plist”

How to access Library folder? From Finder window, just drop down the “Go” from the top menu and hold the Option key, the Library then will be visible to click.

The below is the direct download link. The software is tested carefully by us for safety reasons.

We do not provide torrent download method for this app.

No crack, no keygen or serial. How to get the Tuxera 2016 activated fully for FREE?

  • Install the Tuxera 2016 as normal (just follow the installation instructions).


Remember that At the right step, you must choose trial period and at the end of installation, do not restart

  • Now, Copy the ‘Tuxera NTFS’ into to the following direction: “/Library/PreferencePanes/Tuxera NTFS.prefPane/Contents/MacOS”,
    (You can either rename or delete the original ‘Tuxera NTFS’)


  • Now you can restart the Mac.
  • When you get into the MacOS Screen again, disconnected from internet, then use one of the following serial numbers:

After that you can connect back to the internet

Done! Please leave a comment for any problems.

  • Faiz Shafie

    cant see anything on my PreferencePanes