iPhone 6S screen quality

Some customers who bought the first iPhones 6S Plus start complaining about “bright screen openings” problem.

Teru, a member on Appledigg complained about being unable to find a good new iPhone 6s Plus after trying up to 5 different devices in different stores. According to this person, the reason he could not grab a desired new iPhone 6S Plus was almost devices he has tried associated to “bright screen openings issue” at the upper edge or the lower edge of the iPhone.

Her topic quickly gets feedbacks from many other users. The 4 others have just said they all encounter the same problem on their iPhone 6S Plus purchased recently. Some others who are not always pay attention on details even realized the matter once they had read the thread.

an iPhone 6S associated with bright screen openings issue
an iPhone 6S associated with bright screen openings issue

“Bright Openings Screen” is commonly visible on most types of large LCD such as the TV or computer with large screen size. Nature, the iPhone LCD screen needs backlighting systems and the light guide plate. Therefore, when the iPhone displays dark or black image, users somehow could feel lighter at some positions on the edges.

Bright Openings Screen

The most effective way to check if the iPhone has Bright Openings Screen problem is opening a deeply black image (Users can take a photo, but cover completely the camera to get a really black image).

Best luck 🙂