This is for users who have iPhone or iPad but do not have a Mac Laptop. They tend to purchase movies and films from iTunes store, but it turns to hell with a lot of Lag and choppy playback when playing videos using iTunes in Windows. How to fix? and are there any alternatives?

Available Solutions?

iTunes 12 is designed to very compatible to Windows 10, the latest windows version so far. However, I am pretty sure that users still encounter constant Lag and choppy playback.

I do have both iPhone and iPad, but I do not afford to buy a Macbook pro just for watching movies because my engineering job need Windows to run some particular softwares.

I suppose that watching movies and films on iTunes in Windows is such a god damn idea. I would suggest some worthy alternatives: Amazon Prime, Vudu or XBOX video all provide their Apps to watch videos in iOS on iPhone, iPad, Mac OS X and Windows. Otherwise, you should get a Mac PC.

  • Zaki Jääskeläinen

    Choppy playback in iTunes on Windows is often caused by the sound output format in iTunes not matching what has been configured in Windows:
    1. Right-click on Speaker icon in the notification area, then select Playback devices.
    2. In the Sound window right-click on your active output device and select Properties.
    3. In the device properties window, select the Advanced tab.
    4. Here you have default format; sample rate and bit depth. Now check what has been configured in iTunes.
    5. In iTunes, press Alt+E and select Preferences.
    6. In the Preferences window select the Playback tab.
    7. In the low part of the window you have 'Bitrate for Audio Playback' and
    'Bits Per Sample For Audio Playback'. Match this up with the sound setting in step 4 above.

    • xDD90x

      I had high hopes when I came across your post after about a year of searching for a solution to this problem, but unfortunately it didn’t resolve the issue for me. Thanks anyway for the detailed and easy to follow instructions though. My search continues…

      • abubasim66

        Sorry about that. For some reason the process did help me once. After reloading my iMac, the same steps no longer help. (I run Windows 7 with Boot Camp on my old iMac.)
        The truth is that iTunes on Windows should not be used for video playback.
        This is obvious after seeing Apple ignoring this problem for many years.
        Any other video player, even QuickTime, will play your movies on the same Windows computer without any jerkiness.
        I decrypt my iTunes movies using Requiem and then store on my Synology NAS box and play them through Chrome Cast to my TV. With this setup, the only thing I miss out on is close captioned subtitles (Regular subtitles work.)

        • xDD90x

          You’re totally right about not using iTunes for video playback on Windows. After all my research, I’m confident that that is the best solution.

          The problem is I bought the entire Harry Potter HD movie collection through iTunes a few years ago before I knew of this issue. And to make matters worse, Apple won’t allow them to be played with any other player, not even with their own QuickTime anymore as they used to.

          If there’s one thing I’m sure of it’s that this was the first and last purchase I make on iTunes.

          I’ve been considering using DRM removal software, but at that point I might as well just buy the movies again from another service instead of paying for the program and going through the decryption process for 8 movies.

          Requiem isn’t free right? Also, is the conversion lossless?

          • abubasim66

            Requiem is free and it just decrypts the file without modifying the contents otherwise. This also means that the purchaser details also remain in the video file so best not to share the files with friends and family…
            One point about Requiem: they stopped the development a few years ago so you can’t use it with any more recent iTunes than version 10.6.
            You can either purchase movies in iTunes 10.6, or in the latest version of iTunes and then import the movies to another computer with iTunes 10.6.
            I purchase movies in iTunes 12. After downloading, I import the movie to iTunes 10.6 in a Windows virtual machine running in VMware Player. (This leaves the movie in the original location as I don’t have the option for copying files into the iTunes library set in preferences.) Then I decrypt the movie using Requiem. Once done I can play the movie through Chrome Cast.
            (I would stick to iTunes 10 on my iMac if I didn’t have an iPad which needs iTunes 12 for syncing.)

          • xDD90x

            Interesting. I’ll check it out. Thanks

          • abubasim66

            An update: Requiem is no longer a good option. Apple has blocked downloading of 1080p movies if your iTunes is older than version 11. If you download a 1080p movie with iTunes 11 or later then Requiem will not recognize the format. If you’re satisified with 720p then you can continue with iTunes 10 for your movie downloads.
            I have switched to TunesKit and it does a good job.